Pro-cut vinyl decals. Suitable for any smooth surface. Custom sizes available.

Lightning Squad ARF Trooper helmet symbol

Lighting Squad was a military cavalry squad in the Grand Army of the Republic, composed of Advanced Recon Force [ARF] clone troopers. The Lightning Squad ARF troopers "Razor" and "Stak," accompanied General Windu as the vanguard of the assault on the Ryloth capital city of Lessu.

Sold in pairs; one each left and right. Available as Red sticker or Low-tack stencil.
Set Material

41st Elite Scout Helmet decal set
The 41st Scout Battalion was an infantry and armor battalion within the 41st Elite Corps of the Grand Army of the Republic that participated in the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In 19 BBY, it was decided that Jedi General Yoda would lead a battalion to support the Wookiees on Kashyyyk. The 41st Scout Battalion was then dispatched to the planet, where they participated in the Battle of Kashyyyk and later the implementation of Order 66, as part of the Great Jedi Purge.

Kit Material

Tarkin Initiative decal
The Tarkin Initiative was a secret think tank within the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Galactic Empire's Intelligence Agency. Founded by Governor Wilhuff Tarkin, it gave birth to both the Death Star and second Death Star. Director Orson Krennic was an officer within the Initiative. Galen Erso was head of the kyber crystal research team. The symbol of the Tarkin Initiative was a hexagon representing a stylized faceted kyber crystal. 4.75" W $4.75


TI-01 Color

Death Trooper helmet decal
Death Troopers were an elite variant of the Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers and were a part of the Imperial Intelligence. They served as protective details and bodyguards for important Imperial officers and also acted as guards forofficers in the Tarkin Initiative. They wore black suits of armor and specialized helmets that scrambled verbal communications. 8" H $9.75

HDT-01 Color

Shoretrooper helmet decal
Coastal defender Stormtroopers, more commonly known as Shoretroopers, were a specialized variant of the Galactic Empire's Stormtroopers trained and equipped for combat in tropical environments. Stationed at the top secret Imperial security complex on the tropical planet Scarif, Shoretroopers patrolled the beaches and bunkers of the facility. 8" H $9.75

HST-01 Color

First Order TIE Pilot Shoulder symbol set

These are available as decal or painting stencil in 2.25", 2.50" and 2.75" diameter. 

Choice of SILVER or WHITE. Sold in pairs. 

Decal size

Stencil size

First Order symbol
The First Order was a military and political organization that was active approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. Inspired by the principles of the Galactic Empire, the First Order fought against the Resistance for control of the galaxy.



TFO-01 Color

Clone 9.75" H $12.00

CT-01 Color

Clone Helmet 5" H $6.00

CT-02 Color

Clone Army

3" H $4.00
CT-04 Color

3" H $4.00
CT-05 Color

Trooper: Snow

3" H $4.00
TS-01 Color

4" W $4.50
TS-02 Color


3" $4.50
BF-02 Color

3" H $4.50
BF-03 Color

3" H $4.50
BF-04 Color

Kamino dart
3" H $4.50
KD-01 Color

Trooper: Scout

3" W $4.00
TB-01 Color

6.5" H $8.00
TB-03 Color

Old Republic

Old Republic
3" $4.50
OR-01 Color

Old Republic
3" $4.50
OR-02 Color


3" $4.50
IC-01 Color

3" H $4.50
SEN-01 Color

41st Elite Scout

41st Elite Scout
9" H $10
41ST-01 Color


3" W $4.00
41ST-02 Color

Clone: Snow

7.5" W $8.50
CS-01 Color

Cmdr. Jet 'Python'

4" W $5.00
CJ-01 Color

Clone: Pilot 'Axe'

4" W $5.00
AXE-01 Color

Clone: GM

7" H $8.50
GM-01 Color


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